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8×4 Aluminum Chequer Plate

November 4, 2022

The hardness of the 8×4 aluminum chequer plate is softer than other metals. Slight friction will cause slight scratches on the surface of the chequered aluminium plate. Therefore, we must protect the surface during transportation to avoid scratches and affect the aesthetics of use. In order to avoid scratches on the surface of the aluminum chequer plate, the manufacturer usually sticks a protective film to protect the surface when leaving the factory to avoid scratches and spots caused by friction during transportation. At the same time, the packaging must be firmly packed to avoid sliding problems during transportation and cause unnecessary losses.

8x4 aluminum chequer plate

8×4 aluminum chequer plate has better corrosion resistance, lighter weight and stronger plasticity. There are many enterprises producing aluminum chequered plate in the market, and their qualifications vary. So, how to choose high quality aluminum checker plate?

1, Packaging:

Good packaging not only reflects the strength of aluminum chequer plate manufacturers and is willing to spend a lot of money on product packaging, but also shows that manufacturers pay more attention to product protection.

2, Check the thickness of the aluminum chequered plate:

The thickness, strength and oxide film thickness of the high-quality chequer aluminum plate should meet the national standards: the thickness of the aluminum checker plate is 1.2mm, the tensile strength is 157 n/m2, the yield strength is 108 n/m2, and the thickness of the oxide film 10 microns. If it does not meet the standard, it is an inferior patterned aluminum plate.

3, Check the surface of the aluminum chequered plate:

The surface of the aluminum checker plate is good, and there are no defects such as roll marks, black spots, scratches, fission, etc.; the plate shape is flat, and there is no obvious bending; the diagonal lines of the single aluminum plate are consistent; The length and width are the same. If there is a protective film on the surface of the aluminum plate, the protective film should be lifted and checked at least the width of the entire aluminum plate to avoid covering defects.

4, The price of aluminum plate

Aluminum chequer plate 8×4 is divided into pure aluminum and aluminum alloy. The price is different. It is necessary to do a comparison shop. The processing fee of chequered aluminum plate produced by regular manufacturers is several thousand yuan per ton. The price of alloys is higher than that of pure aluminum. The price of aluminum plate from regular manufacturers is 20-30% higher than that of inferior aluminum plate. Therefore, you should also pay attention to your own quality when choosing the price.


8×4 aluminum chequer plate are used in many construction industries. Chequered aluminum plates have various appearance styles, light weight, various appearance styles, and different colors for you to choose.

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