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Advantages of aluminium flat round metal discs in industry

May 7, 2019

Aluminium flat round metal discs are regarded as an irreplaceable raw material in industry. An aluminum flat metal disc can be made into a pot, buckets, strainer, battery shell, plane oil tank or even bullet shell. What advantages does it have, then?

First, an aluminium disc shows a much stronger corrosion resistance than other flat round metal discs. The aluminium element reacts to oxygen in the air, during which a thin layer of oxide film comes into being. Although the film is only 0.00001mm thick, it can be thickened by special process methods in production of aluminium metal discs. This film prevents most corrosive materials from corroding the disc surface. In addition, corrosion-resistant metals, like manganese and magnesium, are added to aluminium to improve corrosion resistance of aluminium discs.

The picture shows aluminium flat round metal discs and an aluminium pot.

Second, an aluminium flat metal disc has a low density and light weight, used widely as parts for planes, automobiles and ships. With a density of only 2.7kg/m3 (almost one third of iron’s 7.87kg/m3), aluminium flat round metal discs greatly reduces the weight of transport vehicles and energy consumption, and enhances economical benefits eventually.

Third, the anodized film of aluminum flat metal disc has good insulation properties. When the temperature is 15~25°C, the resistance is 1013Ω/m2. When the temperature is 250°C, the resistance is 1017Ω/m2. In comparison to other insulation materials, aluminium flat metal discs have a thin oxide film resistant to high temperatures as well as corrosion by water vapor and other corrosive gases. Although the film has disadvantages like small elasticity, high hygroscopicity and low withstand voltage, these deficiencies can be solved in the sealing process. These features make aluminum flat round metal discs extensively used in the electrical appliance manufacturing, cable and radio industries.

To sum up, advantages of an aluminum flat metal disc include strong corrosion resistance, low density and good insulating property.

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