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Where to buy aluminum strips

May 13, 2019

Where to buy aluminum strips? Among leading aluminium strip suppliers in China, we introduce ourselves as below.

Boasting strong technical force, sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, and various methods, Haomei is able to cut the net ruler, aluminum strip slitting, aluminum alloy plate sawing and cleaning, aluminum sheet surface coating and so on. This enables it to meet the needs of customers asking for small batches, multiple varieties, multiple specifications and multi-purpose requirements. Our main products include transformer strip, aluminium strip 1mm 2mm, aluminium capping strip, gutter strip, thin flat aluminium strip, anodized aluminum strip, color coated aluminium strip etc. These products are widely used in the electronics industry, automotive industry, mechanical molds, aerospace, marine, pipeline insulation, decorative curtain walls, lighting fixtures, advertising signs and so on.

where to buy aluminum strips

Where to buy aluminum strips? If you want to buy aluminum strips without defects, please read along. In the process of rolling the strip into various semi-finished and finished aluminum strips, as well as in the production process of foil finishing, annealing, transfer, packaging, etc., some defects will inevitably occur. Some defects are caused by defects in the ingot and the cast strip itself. Some expose themselves in the ingot casting or rolling process, and some do not reveal themselves until in the subsequent further processing steps. Defects may also appear during the production process of material rolling, finishing, annealing, transfer, packaging, etc. Most of these defects are caused by equipment failures, violation of operating procedures, improper adjustment of process parameters, lack of skilled operators, and other reasons. As one of the leading suppliers of aluminum strips, we have developed a rigorous control process from raw materials to finished products. Aluminum ingots must come from formal channels. After advanced continuous casting and rolling processes and shearing machines, workers must undergo rigorous operation tests and directly link the quality of inspections and assessments to ensure the production of high-quality products that meet customer requirements.

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