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5083 H111 Plate

June 3, 2024

5083 h111 plate is widely used in many fields for its excellent corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength. H111 is the temper of 5083 aluminum plate, which indicates the work-hardening state, and is suitable for the products which are work-hardened to obtain the specified strength without heat treatment. The other tempers of 5083 aluminium plate including O, H22, H32, H111, H116, H321 and so on.


5083 H111 aluminium plate belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is one of the 5XXX series aluminum plates. It has moderate strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability. This aluminum plate has the highest strength among the non-heat-treated alloy aluminum plates, and its hardness is significantly higher than that of 5052 aluminium plate, which is one of the representative products of super-hard aluminum plates in 5000 series.

5083 h111 plate

5083 h111 plate

Chemical composition of 5083 h111 plate:

The main chemical composition of 5083 H111 aluminium plate includes aluminum (residual), silicon (0.4%), copper (0.1%), magnesium (4.0–4.9%), zinc (0.25%), manganese (0.40–1.0%), titanium (0.15%), chromium (0.05–0.25%) and iron (0.4%). These compositions ensure that the 5083 aluminum plate has excellent properties.


Specification of 5083 h111 aluminum plate:

Thickness: Common thickness is 0.5-500mm, but specific specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

Width: Width range is 20-2650mm.

Length: Length range is 500-16000mm.


Characteristics of 5083 h111 aluminium plate:

Strength and hardness: 5083H111 aluminium plate has a medium level of strength and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Corrosion resistance: Aluminium plate 5083 H111 has excellent corrosion resistance, especially against atmospheric (including marine vapors and industrial atmospheres) corrosion, making it perform well in harsh environments.

Weldability: 5083 H111 aluminum plate has good weldability and is suitable for a variety of welding operations.


Mechanical properties of 5083 h111 plate:

Tensile Strength: Depending on the specific condition and temperature, the tensile strength may vary, but is usually in the range of 275-350MPa (250°C).

Yield strength: Again depending on the specific state and temperature, the yield strength is usually in the range of 210MPa (250°C).

Hardness: Specific values for hardness (500kg force 10mm ball) are not given but can be adjusted to suit application requirements.

Elongation: At 1.6mm (1/16in) thickness, elongation is also an important consideration.


All in all, 5083 h111 plate is a hot sale product in 5000 series aluminium plate, Haomei Aluminum has produce and export 5083 aluminum plate with clean surface and accurate size for more than 20 years, if you are interested in 5083 H111 aluminium plate, please leave a massage or send an email, we will reply in one day.

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