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Positive Thermal CTP Plate

May 27, 2024

Positive thermal CTP plate is a kind of computer-to-plate printing plate that utilizes positive thermal imaging technology. The CTP thermal plate is a heat-sensitive material used in the printing industry that is capable of being imaged directly through a thermal print head in a CTP (computer to print) system. This thermal plates can produce printing plates quickly and efficiently, reducing the number of steps and time required for traditional plate making and increasing printing productivity. At the same time, CTP Thermal Plate also has high printing quality and stability, which can meet different printing needs. The CTP Thermal Plate is suitable for a wide range of printing needs such as commercial printing, newspaper printing and packaging printing.


Positive thermal CTP plate uses a red laser generator with a wavelength of 800~850 nm (peak 830 nm) to expose the surface of the printing plate. During the exposure process, the plate coating undergoes a thermo-sensitive chemical reaction, which, through thermal ablation or thermal phase change, produces different chemical properties between the graphic and non-graphic parts, realizing the reproduction of image information on the plate.

positive thermal CTP plate

Features of positive thermal CTP plate:

Strong stability: Through advanced production technology and strict quality control management, it ensures stable and consistent product performance, thus guaranteeing the high quality and stability of printed products.

Fast plate making speed: It is applicable to most thermal CTP plate making machines with short exposure time, which can maximize the capacity of plate making equipment and improve work efficiency.

Accurate dot reproduction: without any correction curve, the dot error is no more than 1%, which ensures the detail and clarity of the printed matter.

Convenient to use: high tolerance, strong adaptability, no need to preheat, not easily affected by changes in the working environment and operation, easy to store and transport.

Reduce printing cost: high plate making speed and high working efficiency help to save the amount of overprint paper, while the water and ink balance performance is good, fast inking, high ink use efficiency.


Technical parameters of positive thermal CTP plate:

Plate base: Electrochemical sanding, anodic oxidation and hydrophilic treatment of aluminum plate base.

Sensitive wavelength: 800~850 nm, peak 830 nm.

Exposure energy: 120 ~ 150 mj/cm².

Resolution: 1 ~ 99% @ 450 lpi (dots per inch).

Printability: 250,000 prints without baking, 1,000,000 prints after baking (varies with exposure, development and printing conditions).

Size: Maximum short side size 1480mm, cutting diagonal error ≤0.5mm.

Shelf life: 18 months (stored in dry and cool place, storage temperature 5~30℃, humidity 40%~80%).

Precautions for use:

When using the positive CTP Thermal Plate, you need to follow specific development parameters, such as developer, replenishment, development time, etc., to ensure the best printing results.


With its excellent stability, plate making speed and dot reproduction accuracy, positive thermal CTP plate have become an important and efficient plate making material in the current printing industry.

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