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Will aluminium metal strips replace copper strips

March 8, 2019

In recent years there has been a slogan “Replace Copper With Aluminum Strip ”, which is based on practical situation of resource reserve. Aluminum metal strips are mostly of O, H24 and H18 states. O proves to be the most frequently adopted type, suitable for bending and stretching. As a matter of fact, copper strips overshadow aluminium strip 1mm products in all regular estimating aspects. Why do people intend to replace them with aluminum metal strips, then?

aluminum metal strips 1mm 3mm

The key lies in fewer and fewer copper reserve on the earth. Reports show that the current copper reserve will be available for only 30 years, and copper proves to be much more expensive than aluminum. Copper consumers like air conditioner manufacturers try to find out an economical metal to replace copper. Boasting a good electricity conductivity and a much lower price, aluminium metal strips become the best choice. In addition, the cable industry consumes large amounts of copper, too. Statistics show that over 5 million tons of copper strips are consumed each year in cable making in China. On the one hand, it takes the government huge sums of money to import copper. On the other hand, China a rich aluminium reserve in the earth. Owing to the fact that aluminium strip 3mm products have poorer performance in conductivity, strength and resistance to oxidization, it used to be difficult to extend usages of aluminum strips to cables, but now advanced technology has made it possible.

Therefore, it’s possible now to have aluminum metal strips to replace copper in many industries. However, experts say this conclusion is only based on theory. It entails a comprehensive study. Take the cable industry for example. The cost of a raw material includes not only its price upon purchasing but also its life cycle. The core indexes of aluminum alloy cables are lower than copper cables in terms of conductivity, electrical resistivity, safety and high temperature resistance. And the cost of the entire life cycle is basically the same as copper, from which point copper is a better choice than aluminum.

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