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White Painted Aluminum Sheet

May 13, 2022

The white painted aluminum sheet is the most common seen color in color coated aluminum sheet series products. It is a light color painted aluminum sheet which is widely used in building construction. The requirements for materials of buildings (roof panels, exterior wall panels) can be divided into safety performance (impact resistance, wind pressure resistance, fire prevention), living performance (waterproof, heat insulation, sound insulation), durability (anti-pollution, weather resistance, appearance maintenance) performance), production and processing performance (economical, easy to process, easy to maintain, easy to repair).

white painted aluminum sheet

Safety and service life of white painted aluminum sheet are the most important factors when we are looking for color coated aluminum sheet for sale. For the design unit, the service life, bearing capacity and appearance are more important. For the building wall and roof forming industry, the processing of high gloss white color coated aluminum sheet (surface hardness, abrasion resistance, sheet shape and sheet strength) is the preferred requirement. Of course, the quality of the white color coated aluminum sheet mainly depends on the painted aluminum sheet manufacturer, but if the processing and installation equipment and methods are improper, the appearance and service life of the final product will be damaged to varying degrees.


What are the performance indicators of the white painted aluminum sheet?

1, Substrate: Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, Elongation

2, Coating: Coat weight, Adhesion

3, Coating: color difference, gloss, T-bend, impact, hardness, chalk resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, etc.

4, Surface: Visible surface defects

5, Flatness: Tolerance, Inequality.

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