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thin aluminum strips

Slitting of thin aluminium strips

In slitting of thin aluminium strips(thickness of 0.2-0.3mm), higher requirements are posed, for the edge defects of the aluminum strip are easily excluded in the slitting process. A ruffled edge refers to a narrow wave of lotus leaf shape on the strip edges formed during slitting owing to inappropriate contacts among the blade, the rubber ring and the flattening roller. …

aluminium strip 1mm coating

Aluminium Strip Coating Process

This is about aluminium strip coating process. Aluminum coil rolls are fed, slit, combined with previous strips, coated, cooled and sent for storage. 1. In strip stirring process, the raw material of aluminum coil rolls with sleeve are transported to the coil brackets at the entrance of uncoiler by a crane or other tools, and then the coil is lifted …

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