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coil coated aluminum sheet

Coil Coated Aluminum Sheet

When many people buy coil coated aluminum sheet, they do not know the specific difference between good and poor color coated sheet. Because the surfaces of color coated aluminum sheets are similar, and there will be no problems if they are not used for a period of time. But after using for a period of time, the difference will appear, …

color aluminum sheet metal

Color Aluminum Sheet Metal

Color aluminum sheet metal have wide application in building wall, shutter rolling door, caps, roofing, ceiling, decoration, gutter and license plate. The paint of color coated aluminum sheet are PE and PVDF. Polyester-coated aluminum sheet using high molecular polymer containing ester bond in the main chain as monomer, adding alkyd resin, UV absorber can be divided into matte and high gloss …

This is a picture of color coated aluminum sheet coils with different paints.

Five types of color coated aluminum sheet

The color coated aluminum sheet is also known as coated aluminium sheet. It can be divided into five types in accordance with different paint types. Polyester color coated aluminum sheet Polyester is an anti-UV UV coating. The polyester resin has a polymer containing an ester bond in the main chain as a monomer, and an alkyd resin is added. The …

pvdf color coated aluminum coil

Paint Types for Color Coated Aluminum

How many types of paints are there for color coated aluminum products? At present Haomei mainly adopts water-based paints, the solvent of which is hydrophilic: acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy and fluorocarbon. Acrylic has a high hardness but poor flexibility (based on T-bend tests), suitable as high hardness index coatings for non-machined parts like automobile parts. Currently we apply it to …

color coated aluminum sheet

Color coated aluminum sheet

  Name  Color Coated Aluminum sheet/plate Alloy 1100 3003 3004 3105 5052 8011 Temper H16. H18. H24. H26. H28 Coating paint AC,PE,HDPE,Epoxy,PVDF,FEVE ect Coating thickness PE:>=18 micron , PVDF:>=25 micron Coated Color Single ,wooden,stone,gloss,mirror,RAL As customer requirements. Thickness 0.02mm-5.0mm Width 500-1520m Protective film As customer requirement , can print customer logo Coating Hardness (pencil resistance) More than 2h Coating Adhesion 5J(EN ISO-2409:1994) Impact Resistance No …

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