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aluminum strips

Surface treatment methods for aluminum strips

When we speak of aluminum strips, we usually refer to thin flat aluminum strips of less than 4.0mm thick rather than profiles of T or L shapes. This kind of aluminium strips are usually used in transformer winding, heat sinks, decoration, channel letters, bottle caps and so on. Corresponding to different application fields, surface treatment methods for them vary, too. …

black coated aluminium strips

Features of black aluminium strip

The black aluminium strip is a member of coated aluminium strips used in many products. Traditional aluminium strips are silver with no paints. For example, aluminium strip 1mm 2mm is used for transformers, earphones, heaters etc. Coated aluminium strips prove to be even more applicable in daily life. They have gone through a surface coating process. The black aluminium strip …

coated aluminum strip

Coated Aluminum Strips

Coated aluminum strips refer to the aluminium foil strip through coating and coloring treatment such as cleaning, roll coating and baking etc. Among leading aluminium strip suppliers in China, we offer coated aluminum strip products for wall cladding, shutters, bottle seal caps, channel letter, lit letter sign, 3D forming letter, neon sign, advertising letter, signage etc. Aluminum Alloy A1100, A3003, A3005, …

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