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Reasons for surface defects of aluminum coil plate products

The quality of aluminum coil plate products will directly affect that of their end-products, and surface defects will also cause a lot of trouble for both parties. Attaching high importance to quality proves to be a key feature of excellent aluminum coil plate suppliers. As purchasers, you also need to learn something about quality defects to win in negotiation with …

aluminum coil plate, 3003 aluminum coil plate

Aluminum Coil Plate 3003

   3003 aluminum coil plate, also known as anti-rust plate, shows good workability, wedling property and corrosion resistant ability. Since it’s 10% more stronger than 1100, it plays an important part as raw materials of kitchen ware, storage equipment for food and chemicals, tanks for liquid transport, pressure vessels and pipelines, cooling fins and marine vehicles. It has the following …

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