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Aluminum Coil Plate 3003

April 3, 2018

   3003 aluminum coil plate, also known as anti-rust plate, shows good workability, wedling property and corrosion resistant ability. Since it’s 10% more stronger than 1100, it plays an important part as raw materials of kitchen ware, storage equipment for food and chemicals, tanks for liquid transport, pressure vessels and pipelines, cooling fins and marine vehicles.

aluminum coil plate, 3003 aluminum coil plate

It has the following features. First, its hardness is only slightly stronger than industrial pure aluminum coil plate. Second, it can not be heat treated. An usual method applied to improve its mechanical property is cold treatment. It shows high plasticity in O state, lower plasticity in half cold hardening state, and lowest in cold hardening state. Third, it’s of favorable rust resistance, and weldability but dissatisfied machining quality. Last but not least, 3003 aluminum coil plate performs excellent corrosion resistance against the air, water, seawater, food, organic acid, petrol and neutral solution of organic salt.

Based on its characteristics above, 3003 aluminum coil plate is usually applied as packaging materials or mechanical parts for products that will be used in moist environment. First, it can be used as welding parts for ships, vessels, trucks, cars and planes. Second, it’s used for pressure vessels of fire-proof request and cooling equipment. Third, it’s raw material for TV tower, drilling rigs, transport vehicles and missile components. Fourth, it can be used as low-loaded parts contacting liquid or gas, like oil tanks and grease pipes. Its wire rod can be used to make rivets. Haomei Aluminum boasts decades of manufacturing and fourteen years’ exporting experience in aluminum coil plate. Our clients covers tens of country all over the world. If you want quality products and professional service, please contact us at april@aluminumhm.com.

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