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Aluminium Slugs Used for Unguent Tubes

Aluminium Slugs Used for Unguent Tubes

Aluminium slugs refer to small aluminum particles in flat round, oval, cylinder etc. They are refined by repeated drawing, cutting and grinding processes of aluminum ingots containing 99% aluminum content, usually processed into surfaces of thin-walled pieces. Cylindrical aluminium slugs are widely used in the surface finishing of aluminum, copper and zinc castings, sandblasting and polishing of various metal surfaces …

aluminium slug price

Aluminium Slug Price

As price of other aluminum products, aluminium slug price fluctuates with the instant price of aluminum ingots which is relatively stable with slight fluctuation. In addition, it is also influenced by production cost and target profit of manufacturers and suppliers. The relationship between aluminium slug price and production cost is easy to be understood, but details about production cost is …

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