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Aluminium Slug Price

July 13, 2018

As price of other aluminum products, aluminium slug price fluctuates with the instant price of aluminum ingots which is relatively stable with slight fluctuation. In addition, it is also influenced by production cost and target profit of manufacturers and suppliers.

The relationship between aluminium slug price and production cost is easy to be understood, but details about production cost is more complicated. It comprises costs for raw material, equipment investment and consumption, manual work and even energy consumption. Great difference may occur among different manufacturers with any of these elements. The cost for inferior raw material, namely, aluminum ingots, is far lower than premium ingots. Advanced devices produces quality aluminum slugs in an efficient way yet require more budget. Manual work cost is closely related with the geological location of a factory. If it’s in the countryside, the owner is able to employ workers requiring less salaries than city workers. As for energy consumption, the power price is the same around the same country, and the only difference lies in its quantity difference.

aluminium slug price

Different manufacturers and suppliers may set varied target profit, based on which they decide their aluminium slug price. Not all superior aluminum slugs cost more because its supplier may have set a low target profit. On the other hand, supplier of low quality slugs may be offered at a high price, since buyers tend to believe that the price matches the quality, which is true most of the time. Therefore, the only way is to check the reliability of a supplier first, which involves skills which will not be elaborated here.

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