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Sheet Aluminum For Sale

March 7, 2022

The sheet aluminum for sale produced by a good aluminum sheet manufacturer has superior performance. A flat version of the aluminum plate, and superior quality, creating greater benefits for customers. Generally speaking, aluminum sheet manufacturers with strong strength can continuously improve their production technology and production equipment in order to produce high-quality aluminum sheet product, improve the popularity of sheet aluminum manufacturers, and form a good enterprise survival and development model.

sheet aluminum for sale

The production process of sheet aluminum for sale: the aluminum ingot is put into the smelting furnace, burned and melted with natural gas, slag removal, configuration of the alloy, guide furnace to the holding furnace, aluminum water discharge, through the die casting nozzle, rolling casting and rolling, rolling cold rolling, annealing, cross-cutting to the required size, engraving according to the drawing, hemming, reinforcing ribs, welding, grinding, spraying, inspection, sticking protective film, air cushion film, packaging, loading and delivery. In the production process, the aluminum sheet needs to undergo hot rolling, annealing, various heat treatments, etc. In order to obtain a more flat and smooth aluminum sheet for sale, it needs to be hot rolled, and it must be fully lubricated.


Hot rolling of sheet aluminum for sale generally refers to rolling above the recrystallization temperature of the aluminum sheet metal. During the hot rolling process, the metal deformation has both hardening and softening processes. Due to the influence of the deformation speed, as long as the recovery and recrystallization process is too late, the aluminum sheet metal will produce a certain degree of work hardening with the increase of the deformation degree. However, in the hot rolling temperature range, the softening process plays a leading role. Therefore, at the end of the hot rolling, the recrystallization of the sheet aluminum metal is often incomplete.

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