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Checker Plate Aluminum Sheets

March 4, 2022

With the integration of the world economy, checker plate aluminum sheets foreign trade transactions have become more and more frequent. And international shipping has become an indispensable transportation method for aluminum checker plate sheet transactions. Water transportation of aluminum checker plates is different from land transportation. Needless to say, the transportation time is long, and the weather also changes. Therefore, there are some problems that everyone must pay attention to. Pay attention to these four points to prevent unnecessary troubles due to carelessness.


Pay attention to these four points when shipping checker plate aluminum sheets:

Point 1: do a good job of aluminum packaging. The safety protection of checker aluminum plate packaging can prevent the harm caused by the extreme weather or weather during the whole process of aluminum checker plate transportation on water, especially in foreign trade transactions. Once the aluminum checker sheet is damaged due to unreasonable transportation, whether it is to customers or It is a very troublesome problem for the company. Therefore, the packaging of the aluminum checkered plate must be tightly sealed before pre-distribution, and the safeguard measures must be timely. The customer is the aluminum checker plate manufacturer that must do a good job in the service project.

checker plate aluminum sheets

The second point: the logo should be clearly marked. International shipping is more troublesome, and customs clearance and inspection are required in the whole process of transportation. In order to better facilitate the verification of goods for everyone, the detailed information such as the total number of aluminum checker plate sheet models and specifications can be marked, which can prevent many troubles, and can also allow the goods to be inspected according to customs as soon as possible, reducing the overall shipping time.


The third point: the voyage must be confirmed. The aluminum tread plate manufacturers who really do well in the service project will confirm the arrival time for the customer on time, so that the customer can immediately report to the customs for customs clearance, and ship the goods to the port as soon as possible. Our own processing factory reduces the trouble in the production process caused by the timely and unimmediate shipment of the goods. Therefore, during the whole process of the international shipping of aluminum checkered sheets, everyone must confirm the arrival time again and again.


Fourth point: clarify the holidays and ports of call for checker plate aluminum sheets to arrive. Foreign trade transactions are different from those in China. The national holidays to which our customers belong are quite different from those of China. In order to serve the project customers better and faster, the aluminum checker plate manufacturers should serve them. The holiday of the project client’s country is clearly grasped, and the harm caused by the holiday to the client is minimized. Then there is the need to clarify the port of call in the country in advance to facilitate customers to pick up the goods.

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