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PVDF wood grain aluminum coil for furniture

September 21, 2020

The employment of pvdf aluminum coil in furniture is not novel any more. The patterns of the coil fall on two types: wood grain pattern and pure color pattern. The former includes patterns of white oaks, golden oaks, rosewoods, red teaks etc., and the latter covers not only traditional pure colors but aggressive modern colors like bright yellow and light green. In particular, wood grain proves to be very popular, for it’s changeable in style and graceful in taste. Wood grain aluminum coil is produced by special printing of wood grain on an aluminum roll, making the coil surface fresh in texture and strong in three-dimensional sense. Reflecting the nature of wood taking, it is an environmental protection and energy-saving material instead of traditional wood.

pvdf wood grain aluminum coil

Wood grain transfer printing process is based on electrostatic powder spraying, according to the principle of high temperature sublimation heat penetration, through heating and pressure, the wood map on the transfer paper or transfer film can be quickly transferred and infiltrated into the sprayed profile, so that the wood grain profile has clear texture and strong three-dimensional sense, and can show the natural feeling of wood grain that is even more beautiful than logs.

PVDF wood grain aluminum coil is used in furniture with modern simple style, light weight, clear vivid patterns and poison-free material. The wood grain pattern has a very strong adhesion to aluminum, without formaldehyde or smell. The coating film on the surface of aluminum coil is not volatile and oxidized in the air and has no pollution to the environment. The dirt deposited on the spraying surface can be restored to its original appearance once cleaned.

In addition to furniture, pvdf alu coil is used in wall cladding, too. 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052 and 6061 are the most popular alloys of pvdf coat wood grain aluminum coil for wall cladding and furniture. Clients can choose based on their practical needs.

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