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Painted Aluminium Sheet Price

May 15, 2023

Good painted aluminium sheet price can be offer by Haomei Aluminum with rolling coating and long service life. The painted aluminum sheet us 3003 aluminium alloy sheet as the substrate, after surface pretreatment, with roller coating method, coated with one or more layers of liquid paint, baked and cooled to become, the surface is rich in colour, has good weather resistance, superior processing performance. Through the unique coating sealing technology to improve the corrosion resistance of the painted aluminium sheet product, both good incision protection, self-cleaning effect, 30 years aesthetic life.

painted aluminium sheet price

Haomei Aluminum can produce a wide range of colour painted aluminium sheet, including: common building materials, purification panels, cold storage panels, solar panels, door and window profiles, home appliance panels, writing panels, printing panels, colour coated embossed aluminum sheet, wood grain aluminum sheet, stone grain aluminum sheet, Al-Mg-Mn color coated aluminum sheet, high weathering, silicon change, self-cleaning panels, heat reflective panels, anti-bacterial panels, acid and alkali resistant colour coated aluminum sheet, etc. We can meet the requirements of customers with different needs in different industries, and can provide technical support and solutions for customers.


Haomei Aluminum can offer painted aluminium sheet price lower than other manufacturers, but it won’t be much, because quality is first. The colour coated aluminum sheet painting can be divided into ordinary PE, high corrosion resistant HDP, high corrosion resistant silicon modified polyester SMP, high corrosion resistant fluorocarbon PVDF, super corrosion resistant nano fluorocarbon PVDF, Al-Mg-Mn colour coated panels, printed colour coated panels and so on. These products can be matched with Al-Mg-Zn, (3000 series, 5000 series) aluminum sheet to provide the corresponding service life guarantee, depending on the application environment. The painted aluminium sheet product are widely used in high-end architectural fields such as curtain walls, exhibition halls, airports, high speed railway stations and public buildings, especially in special environments such as large steel mills, foundries, thermoelectric power, paper making, animal husbandry, ceramics and coastal areas, etc. They have better performance than traditional coating products and can greatly extend the service life of the products.

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