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Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Price

July 4, 2018

Mirror finish aluminum sheet price has a lot to do with instant aluminum ingot price and manufacturing process of the sheet. Even though aluminum ingot price fluctuates day by day, it’s transparent online and everyone is clear about that. The root in price variation of the same day is difference in manufacturing process, which decides not only production cost but also eventual quality of the mirror sheet. Needless to say, top quality sheets are sold at higher prices. Although most business communication are going online nowadays, it’s not difficult for purchasers to check and touch a sheet like they do at a real factory, since most suppliers offer free samples. A buyer can tell the quality effortlessly as long as he has knowledge about how to judge the quality of aluminum mirror sheet.

mirror finish aluminum sheet price

Even if you have made your judgement about the quality of a sample sheet, you should also be clear about rough prices for mirror finish aluminum sheet of different quality levels. Generally speaking, common mirror sheets cost between 3000 to 3500 dollars per metric ton, and better ones have prices from 4000 to 5500 dollars per metric ton. These are FOB prices for reference only. Detailed mirror finish aluminum sheet price is influenced by specifications of the sheet as well. For example, 5000 series sheets are more expensive than 1000 series sheets even though they will be purchased for a same application, for base sheets of the former cost more. Therefore, contacting a supplier directly is the best way to learn a specific price.

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