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Is 3003 aluminum coil used for beverage cans

September 10, 2020

3003 aluminum coil ranks top in popularity among Al-Mn aluminium sheet rolls which serve as an excellent material for beverage cans. 3003 used to be used in beverage cans. Due to the manganese alloy element, it shows excellent anti-rust properties. Aluminum will form an oxide film on the outside in the air, namely aluminum oxide, which prevents aluminum from being oxidized even at the high temperature. After being made into beverage can bodies, 3003 has this oxide film outside to protect the can body from being eroded by contained liquids. In addition, 3003 is small in density, light in weight and easy to recycle. And it was the maturest aluminium alloys suitable for beverage cans in the early years. All these made 3003 aluminum coil catch on in the can industry.

3003 aluminum coil for beverage cans

Unexpectedly, however, current lists of regular can materials exclude 3003. Why? The top reason is that more substitutes with better properties have been developed. 3004 aluminum coil, for example, are stronger in hardness, forming ability, solubility as well as corrosion resistance. It played an important role in can body making for a time, but was later replaced by 3104, a deformed aluminum alloy with a tensile strength greater than or equal to 275 MPA, and an elongation rate of up to 20%. Boasting good deep drawing performance, it is especially suitable for thinning and stretching, which greatly reduces the volume used for per beverage can. In addition to can bodies, 3104 aluminum coil for can is also made into tops and bottoms. The only part which cannot be made of 3104 is the pull ring, for the best material proves to be 5182.

Can 3003 aluminum coil be made into cans? Yes, but it is popular now? Not so popular anymore. This is no pity, for it indicates that the technology and science is developing and that the world is moving on. At the same time, the application scope of 3003 aluminium alloy is being widened, too, covering cookware, chemical storage tanks, pressure tanks, pipelines, heat sinks, domestic appliances and so on.

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