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Is 1050 aluminum circle for cookware cold rolled or hot rolled

September 8, 2020

1050 aluminum circle is a common product used in cookware. Should it be cold rolled or hot rolled? Which process is better for cookware products?

1050 aluminum circle for cookware

Let’s take a look at the differences between cold rolling and hot rolling first. Cold rolling is rolling below the recrystallization temperature, and hot rolling is rolling above the recrystallization temperature. When we speak of hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum wafers, we refer to rolling process of their raw materials, namely, aluminium sheets or rolls to be punched into round flat sheets. Generally speaking, cold rolled sheet rolls are inferior to hot rolled ones in surface quality. Hot rolling can destroy the casting structure of the aluminum ingot, refine the crystal grain of the aluminum material, and eliminate the defects of the microstructure, so that the structure of the aluminum coil is compact and the mechanical properties are improved. Although hot rolled materials are more expensive, they boast better anodizing, mirror finishing, spray coating, tensile strength and mechanical properties.

While being used in cookware, 1050 aluminum circle usually goes through deep drawing or punching process. The process of deep drawing requires higher in mechanical properties such as elongation and tensile strength, thus hot rolling is more suitable here. This process make 1050 aluminum circles into pots, kettles, basins etc. For punching, however, cold rolled 1050 circles are enough, since the demands for mechanical properties are much more tolerant. Punching turns the circles into flat products like strainers, lids, plates etc. Nevertheless, in many regions cold rolled 1050 aluminum circle discs are made into deep drawing products, too, for their prices are lower. Therefore, both hot rolled and cold rolled aluminium circles 1050 can be used in cookware, and you should choose based on your practical needs.

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