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How to guarantee surface quality of hard anodized aluminium sheets

June 23, 2020

As an ordinary surface treatment method for aluminium alloy products, anodic oxidation helps to form a dense anodized film on an aluminum sheet surface and strengthen corrosion resistance, wear resistance and insulation properties of the sheet. In addition to ordinary anodizing, anodized aluminum sheet suppliers adopt hard anodizing frequently, too. It generates a thicker anodizing film with a stronger wear resistance. During a hard anodizing process, surface protection of an alu sheet is very important. Tips are as below.

Oil erasing: The oil on aluminium sheets to be processed falls on two types: saponified oil and saponified oil. Vegetable oil and animal fat can dissolve and alkali saponification reaction, known as saponified oil. Various mineral oils, such as anti-rust oils, lubricating oils, etc., pass through emulsified alkalis during the saponification reaction. Common degreasing methods include degreasing with organic solvents, chemical degreasing, electrochemical degreasing and degreasing.

anodized aluminum sheet

Corrosion stain erasing: Corrosion stains might appear on the surface of metal and oxide films. The etching process can be divided into improved photoetched surface brightness, removal of acid impregnation of the surface passivation film, and activation of the metal surface , Remove thick oxide film and strong erosion of skin hardening.

Polishing: This is more frequently applied in production of mirror aluminium sheets. The rough surface of aluminium sheets can be polished by mechanical methods, chemical methods and electrochemical methods. The polishing mechanical method that is often used to remove roughness and mechanical defects on the surface of parts can be selected according to different requirements for different materials and abrasives with different particle sizes. Chemical polishing is a specific solution that uses a specular gloss method to polish the anodized electrolyte.

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