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How to get right aluminum coil stock colors

April 19, 2019

Aluminum coil stock colors are bewildering to green hands. Basic color categories include black, blue, green, purple, red, green, gray and white, each of which is further divided into series of high gloss, normal gloss and dull gloss.

How to get right aluminum coil stock colors?

1. Prepare a color sample with a metal base plate for your aluminum coil stock manufacturers. Other materials are acceptable, but metal plates have the best color matching precision rate of all materials. Things would become much easier, however, if you can offer the paint color code or number of your desired color at the international standard color board. Just send the code to us and our color matching experts will deal with everything.

coated aluminum coil colors

2. In case that you offer a color sample plate, it will take around a week for our color experts and paint suppliers to check the color and prepare a sample for you.

3. You are asked to give a formal confirmation upon receiving our sample, and your order of given aluminium coating will be put into production soon after your confirmation is received.

A color coated aluminum coil is obtained by technical paint coating of an aluminium roll. Stable as aluminum alloy sheets are in chemical properties, a coated aluminum sheet shows strong corrosion resistance. Coated aluminum sheet coils have become a fashionable building material because of its low density, high hardness, light weight, uniform gloss, bright color, good adhesive force and excellent weather resistance. Haomei supplies coated aluminum coil stock of all regular colors. If you want to get right aluminum coil stock colors, welcome to contact us!

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