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How to cut a circle in aluminum metal

August 13, 2019

How to cut a circle in metal? Take aluminum circle for example. If you want to cut a circle in a piece of aluminium circle, there are two methods. Both entail application of machines.

how to cut circle in a aluminum circle

The first way is to apply an aluminium circle cutting machine. There is only one machine indeed. You place an aluminium metal piece into the machine with an arm of tough cutter. The arm turns around an axle and cuts a circle out of the metal at the same time. This method is usually adopted in small aluminum circle workshops. The second way is to use a fully automatic cutting machine, which consists of a series of machines forming a production line. The line has a feeding machine, a flattening machine, a cutting machine and then a stacking machine. An aluminium coil roll is fed into the production line, get flattened, cut and then stacked. This method is suitable for production of large quantities of aluminium circle supply.

Of course, if your meaning is to cut a circle out of a metal manually. It’s much more difficult, and it’s almost impossible without tools. A possible way is to use a knife and a compass. How to cut a circle in metal? Hope the methods above will be helpful to you.

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