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How to clean aluminum checker plate sheet

May 29, 2019

An aluminum checker plate sheet covers such a wide range of application that we can spot it almost everywhere. It is made into tread plates for staircases, tool boxes, flooring for elevators and wall cladding at home, shopping malls and gyms. Whatever kind of product it is, it needs daily maintenance of cleaning. Then how to clean an item made of aluminum checker plate sheet?

This shows two pieces of anod aluminum checker plate sheet.

You may think it ridiculous to discuss how to clean metals which are obviously adaptable to all kinds of cleaning tools and agents, yet it is not the case. Hard brushed are not advised to be applied, for some checker plate sheets are not hard enough. What’s more, it may destroy the surface film of anod aluminum checker plate sheets if the plate has been anodized. Strong acid or alkaline cleaning agents are not recommendable, either, since the corrosion resistance of some aluminum pates are not strong enough as you imagine.

The best way to clean items made of aluminum checker plate sheets proves to be softer and more complicated. First, flush the surface with clean water, and then wipe the surface using a piece of soft cloth wet with neutral cleaning agents. Repeated the two steps for several times until the surface gets completely clean with neither stain nor cleaning agent remains. It’s worth mentioning that the temperature of the water should not be surpass 40 degree centigrade!

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