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How to choose aluminum strip coil for insulation

December 30, 2019

As a regular material in both construction and packaging industries, an aluminum strip coil for insulation shows not only a good effect of heat preservation, but also a resistance to damages and a long service life. As a result, hundreds of suppliers have sprung up, trying to share profits in the market. This makes it more difficult for purchasers to pick out quality suppliers. Here are some tips.

aluminum coil strip for insulation

First, attach importance to both quality and price. An aluminum strip coil must be smooth in surface, bright in color (if coated) and strong in impact resistance. Comparing prices in a reasonable way helps you to avoid stepping into traps of low price and poor quality. Please stay away from suppliers offering extremely low prices.

Second, after shrinking your choice scope to several aluminum coil suppliers, choose those providing better service. This entail judgement of their service in shipment and after sales problems. Professionalism can be sensed during your communication with them, but real service level of a supplier shows only after you pay a deposit. You had better learn this indirectly, by visiting their B2B sites, for example. These sites give objective statistics about their response rate, product quality, complaint rate and complaint tackling level. Some sites even allow buyers to comment the service of a supplier. Take full advantage of these figures, since aluminum strip foil rolls are bulk commodities and you won’t like to change suppliers again and again.

Last but not least, please learn about a supplier as more as possible before making your final decision, from manufacturing process to aluminum roll details. For example, simple processes generally indicates poor insulation performance or short service life. Digging as deep as possible in the beginning step will relieve you from lots of trouble.

All in all, you must be patient and careful enough in purchasing aluminum strip coil rolls for insulation.

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