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How do we win clients of round aluminum circles

December 24, 2019

How do we win clients of round aluminum circles? In the past decades we have been sticking to quality, cost efficiency, professionalism and service, which are easier said than done. However, most of the time what you different from others is only that you are persevering enough. We did it, and we win clients.

Quality proves to be the basic element to win a client over. Although no clients care little about price, they attach equal importance to quality. That’s how the phrase “quality and cheap” comes. To guarantee the quality of our round aluminum circles, we have made great effort. First, we were the first suppliers introducing full automatic aluminum circle cutting machines at home. Excellent process adds wing to the equipment. Clients give feedback that our circles have a low ear rate and excellent deep drawing performance. The second rule we have for quality control is to purchase high purity aluminum circle blanks. No waste aluminium materials are allowed to get back into the workshop. Last, we are following a strict quality checking overflow. A pile of aluminum circle discs are inspected at least four times before being packed.

round aluminum circles

By cost efficiency we mean that we strive to offer the best price based on the principle of “quality first”. Some new clients found our price a little high, especially when they were mainly in pursuit of price, but they changed their mind after receiving the first container of products. Of course, we can cater for lower prices, but that means poorer quality.

Our professionalism lies in the fact that we are able to give a formal quotation within minutes after receiving an inquiry of round aluminum circles, and that we provide answers to all questions at the primary stage, from specification recommendation to shipment advice, for we have clients covering over 70 countries, which enables us to give advice based on needs in your local markets.

Service can be complicated or simple. It’s more reflected by details. We have two sales teams, one specialized in communication before receiving an order and the other after the order. The two teams cooperate perfectly based on strict and considerate company rules.

We supply 1050, 1100, 3003, 1070, 1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils, aluminum circle for lamp covers and aluminum circle for traffic signs of all regular specifications. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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