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Gold Aluminum Sheet Metal

December 20, 2021

Gold aluminum sheet metal are widely used in decorative products such as aluminum panels for building materials, household appliances, electronic products, luggage and automobiles. In contemporary times, people are seeking novel and fashionable visuals, light experience, simple and generous handicrafts that are more and more popular. And gold aluminum sheet has the characteristics of strong plasticity, diversified shapes, low density and light weight.

gold aluminum sheet metal

The gold aluminum sheet metal is mainly produced by anodizing process. In the past ten years, Aluminum oxidation and coloring technology has developed rapidly. Many anodized aluminum sheet factories have adopted new technology and have accumulated rich experience in actual production. There are many mature and developing processes for anodizing aluminum and its alloys, and anodized aluminum sheet manufacturers can select appropriate processes according to actual production needs. Before choosing the oxidation process, you should understand the material of aluminum or aluminum alloy, because the quality of the aluminum sheet metal material and the difference in the composition will directly affect the quality of the gold aluminum sheet product after anodization.


The anodized gold aluminum sheet metal is a good representative of anodized aluminum sheet material. After anodized process, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the aluminum sheet metal, which is composed of a porous layer, and has a large specific surface area and high chemical activity. Using this feature, various coloring treatments can be performed, color difference can be effectively controlled, colors are rich, and the decorativeness of the product is improved. Moreover, the aluminum plate has the advantages of rich and diversified surface textures, which can provide unlimited possibilities for gold anodized aluminum sheet crafts, such as: business card cases, clocks, photo frames, small speakers, and other creative crafts. It satisfies contemporary people’s pursuit of individuality and portability.

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