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What is a flexible aluminum mirror sheet

September 19, 2019

A flexible aluminum mirror sheet is actually an aluminium mirror sheet roll. The word “flexible” here means soft. Regular thicknesses for flexible mirror sheets are 0.2mm and 0.3mm, made of high quality A000 aluminum ingot (grade: Al99.993), the aluminum content of which is 99.9 (%) and above and impurity content less than 0.001 (%).

flexible aluminum mirror sheet

In fact, the flexible aluminum mirror sheet is also a common aluminum product, but ordinary flat aluminum panels are mirror-shaped by some special techniques. There aren’t many opportunities for us to buy mirrored aluminum products directly, and we won’t even buy them. However, its end products are used quite a lot in our life, such as washing machines, refrigerators, color TVs, and lighting products and so on. The mirroring effect makes these products look so upscale and attractive that we can not help purchasing them. In addition to domestic appliances, flexible aluminum mirror sheets are also applied in home lighting fixtures, interior materials and electronics housings, as well as jewelry boxes for a variety of precious jewellery.

Although all aluminium mirror sheets are made of aluminium obviously, raw materials have their own division. For example, the poorest mirror sheet has the highest lead content, featured by simple process and few technical value. This also proves to be the most frequently applied type of polished aluminum sheet, for it’s cheap and popular. Superior flexible mirrored aluminum sheets are used to make cutting-edge technological products such as airplanes. Under the same conditions, such a sheet has better ductility than the ordinary ones. In particular, aluminum-magnesium alloy material is the best material for making mirror aluminum sheets for aerospace products.

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