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Factors Influencing Aluminum Circle Sheet Price

September 11, 2018

Factors influencing aluminum circle sheet price include application scope changes, export-import policies & exchange rates and technological development in manufacturing process.

At present aluminum circle sheets are mainly applied as raw materials for lighting parts, cookware and road metal sign panels. With improvement of production process their application scope may be widely enlarged, since they are potential substitutes for so many metals in various industries. This will lead to greater market demand and eventually higher price. The other possible tendency is that some of their usage areas are to be taken place by other materials like plastics, which will cause decline in both demand and price.

aluminum circle sheet blanks

Months ago, the Trump Administration launched high tax rate on aluminum products from China, causing sharp drop of China amount of export in relative products including aluminum circle blanks. This is a typical example demonstrating influence of governmental polices on aluminum circle sheets. Besides, domestic policies have even greater impact. Rapid increase in productivity of aluminum ingots makes supply in aluminum circle blanks abundant, yet the grand economic environment in China decides that domestic demand will not have obvious development in the following years. That forces manufacturers turn to the global market for help and focus more on exporting which is further influenced by customs tax rates. The main currency adopted in international business is American dollar, whose exchange rate against any other currency has substantial impact on the exporting of that country.

Swift conquering of computer technology in aluminum electrolysis industry has driven in-depth study of the physics field and establishment of mathematical models, which further promoted the capacity of the electrolysis cell. This greatly reduces production cost in aluminum industry. It’s foreseeable that with the popularization of high-capacity intelligent electrolysis technology, the production cost of aluminum circle blanks will continue to decline in the future.

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