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Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps for Liquor Sealing

September 12, 2018

Aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps mainly include aluminium alloys of 3104 and 8011. Among the most widely applied sealing materials, aluminium closure sheet covers a wide range of application. One of its usage is liquor sealing.

aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps

China boasts thousands of history of liquor with so many sad or romantic stories passed down. The invention of liquor was undoubtedly a great step forward in human history, but its sealing proved to be equally important. In the earliest days people stored liquor with pottery cups and later wooden buckets. Aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps did not come onto stage until the last century. The caps can be obtained by slitting lacquered aluminum sheets and then press the tapes into numerous caps in given molds. Aluminium caps have the following advantages. First, they have perfect sealing effect which proves to be even better than plastic caps. Aluminium closure sheets have excellent tensile strength and medium hardness, so the caps will not be broken easily under strong exterior impact. Second, they have no pollution to sealed liquor or the environment. Plastic caps may leave impurities on the bottle after a period of sealing, but aluminum caps have no metal impurities at all. In addition, it’s more environmental to recycle aluminum caps than plastic ones. Third, they cost less. The idea that metal caps are more expensive than plastic caps is misleading, because the cost entails more than raw material cost. Aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps can be processed at less cost, which make aluminium caps cheaper than caps of other materials.

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