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Application of Embossed Aluminum Mirror Sheet in Daily Life

July 30, 2018

Embossed aluminum mirror sheet refers to polished aluminium sheet embossed with patterns like bars, diamonds or pearls. Bright and beautiful, it combines functions of mirror and embossed sheets. If you are observant enough, you will notice its wide application in our daily life.

embossed aluminum mirror sheet

Domestic items prove to an application closest to us. Most ladies love luxurious gifts like jewelry. Expensive jewelry is usually kept in a case made of embossed aluminum mirror sheet which highlights its luxury. Delicate patterns and metal gloss add to a sense of taste. It’s easy to design a lock on a metal case as well. Therefore, the case has an extra safety keeping function. Many cosmetic containers are made of embossed aluminum mirror sheet, too. They may be the shell of your lipstick, the case of your facial powder or the tube of your tail cream. The sheet also wins great popularity as separation panels at home, office, shops etc. It divides a uniform room into separate spaces for different usages. For example, you can have a study and a bedroom by placing a panel in a large room. The sheet can even be painted with colors to fit your decoration style, in which case it serves as both separation and decorative panels. Decorative panels of embossed aluminum mirror sheet is ubiquitous in our daily life: face boards of cupboards, advertising panels, covering of table edges and legs etc. In addition, polished aluminum sheets are also used as protective panels in school corridors, shop escalators etc.

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