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Dry Transformer Aluminum Strip

July 25, 2022

Dry transformer aluminum strip is an key product of Haomei Aluminum, it is 1060 soft aluminum strips made in round edge and no burrs. The circuit part of the dry type transformer is the winding, which is made of copper wire or aluminum wire with high conductivity. The winding should have sufficient dielectric strength, mechanical strength and heat resistance. Thus the aluminum strip are used for dry transformers. Aluminum strip for transformer has a high aluminum content (usually 99.6%-99.7% or more), the grades are mainly A1060 O aluminum strip, 1070 O and 1050 O.

dry transformer aluminum strip

With the development of society, the places requiring fire protection have increased greatly, and people have put forward higher and higher requirements for the safety performance of transformers. Because mineral oil is flammable and explosive, oil-immersed transformers are not easy to install in places with high fire protection requirements, and the leakage of transformer oil during operation will also pollute the environment. In recent years, the application scope of dry type transformers has been continuously expanded. Some developed countries expressly stipulate that transformers installed indoors are not allowed to use oil-immersed transformers.


Compared with oil-immersed transformers, dry type transformers have the following advantages:

1, Dry-type power transformers avoid the risk of fire and explosion of transformer oil due to failures in operation

2, Dry-type transformers do not have the problem of oil leakage like oil-immersed transformers, and there is no problem of transformer oil aging. Usually, the operation, maintenance and repair workload of dry-type transformers is greatly reduced, and even maintenance-free.

3, Dry-type transformers are generally indoor type, and can also be made into outdoor type for special occasions. For the indoor type, it can be installed in the same room as the switchgear, thereby reducing the installation area.

4, Since the dry-type transformer is oil-free, its accessories are few and there is no sealing problem. Due to the above advantages of dry-type transformers, the demand is increasing rapidly. In developed countries, dry-type transformers have accounted for 20% of distribution transformers, and some even reached 50%. Dry-type transformer substations have accounted for 80%-90% of complete substations.


The winding transformer made of dry transformer aluminum strip has the characteristics of high efficiency, low loss, energy saving, small size, light weight, good flame retardancy, strong overload capacity, low noise, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is an updated product with significant social and economic benefits.

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