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Dibond Aluminium Composite Mirror Sheet

July 18, 2018

Dibond aluminium composite mirror sheet is also known as Dilite, Raybond, ACM, Raynobond, Dibond Digital, Alucobond, sandwich panel and so on. Although it contains words of aluminum mirror sheet, it’s actually an composite sheet with a flexible polyethylene core and an aluminum face. In short, it’s just like a sandwich, the aluminum sheet serving only as a bright and supporting surface. Their manufacturing process is similar to that of other Dibond composite panels. The only difference lies in weaker warping resistance of aluminum mirror sheets than other face metals, because their mirrored finish can be damaged by bending.

Dibond aluminium composite mirror sheet

Dibond aluminium compostie mirror sheet can be used like a regular glass mirror, but it has its own advantages. It’s stronger and more rigid, and no supporting materials are needed to install it into targeted frames. In spite of lighter weight, it shows perfect shatter resistant property. As a metal composite panel it does not breaks into pieces even after being shattered hard. The surface of the outermost aluminium mirror sheet stays intact in case of occasional cuttings. It’s so weather resistant that many people regard it as a top choice for exterior usage. It does not distort easily at high temperature or hard warping. Although it comprises several layers, it weighs much lighter than common mirror glasses since both aluminum and polyethylene have smaller densities.

Strong, light, weather resistant and shatter resistant, Dibond aluminium composite mirror sheets are widely applied to places where both reflectivity and safety are taken into account. The most popular applications include wall panels for stables, prisons, schools, body building rooms, care centers etc. The sheets can also be printed with various designs and pictures to fit different surroundings. You can make it lively and colorful in schools while solemn and dull in prisons.

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