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Buy Anodized Aluminum

November 5, 2021

As the most popular new decorative material, buy anodized aluminum plate has always been favored by the public. It is widely used in consumer electronics, architectural decoration, lamps and lanterns, home appliance decoration, handicraft decoration, etc. The oxide film of anodized aluminum sheet has strong microporous adsorption capacity and can be colored into a variety of colors. The soft and unique metallic texture can make the original monotonous aluminum sheet icing on the cake.

buy anodized aluminum

The advantages of buy anodized aluminum:

1, Excellent processing performance: The anodized aluminum sheet has excellent decorative performance, moderate hardness, and can be easily bent into shape without complicated processing, which greatly shortens the production cycle and reduces the production cost;

2, Strong weather resistance: After anodizing, there is a dense oxide film on the surface of the aluminum sheet, which is not easy to be oxidized and not easy to change color.

3, Strong metal texture: After anodizing treatment, the surface hardness is improved, the scratch resistance is good, the surface does not contain paint, and the original metal texture of the aluminum sheet is well retained, which increases the added value of the product and is more obvious The beauty and creativity of the product.

4, Strong anti-fouling performance: it will not leave fingerprints, easy to clean, and will not leave traces of stains. This is undoubtedly a boon to the decorative panels of home appliances.

5, The material is environmentally friendly: it does not contain harmful substances, the production process is environmentally friendly, the material is environmentally friendly, and it can be recycled.


Buy anodized aluminum sheet can become the designer’s first choice. In addition to its excellent product performance, it can also create a sense of technology and creativity of the product. These are the two most important expression elements for modern decoration.

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