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Buy aluminium checker plate for ship and truck flooring here

January 6, 2020

Ship and truck flooring materials must be hard, corrosion resistant and slip proof. Aluminium checker plates meet these requirements with extra benefits of low density, light weight and high cost efficiency, which makes them among the most popular ship and truck flooring materials second only to steel. However, not all aluminium alloys are qualified enough here. If you want to buy aluminium checker plate for flooring of ships and trucks, we recommend those made of 5052 or 6061.

buy aluminium checker plate

As a member of Al-Mg-Si alloy group, 5052 aluminium sheet covers a wide range of application, especially in construction and vehicle industries. It performs better than common aluminium alloy sheets like 1060, 1100 and 3003 in hardness, rust resistance and welding property, usually made into parts for ships, cars and planes. Although it’s not so hard as 6061, 5052 aluminium checker plate wins in weight. It has an even lighter weight than 6061, for its alloying metal, magnesium, boasts a smaller density than aluminium. In addition, magnesium itself is corrosion resistant, too. The combination of two corrosion resistant metals (aluminium and magnesium) leads to excellent rust-resisting properties of 5052. No matter passengers leave water or stains on the aluminium checker plate floor, it’s easy to erase them without damaging the floor.

In comparison to 5052, 6061 shows a stronger hardness and a better corrosion resistance, for it contains silicon except magnesium. Its temper range proves to be wider, too. 5052 can be made into states of O and H, yet 6061 aluminium checker plate can be heat treated, with T6 and T651 as its regular states. This greatly enhances the plate’s mechanical properties and widens its application scope. What’s more, 6061 plates has an outstanding anodizing effect. Anodized aluminium plates of 6061 is regarded as a superior material in either truck or marine building.

Haomei supplies aluminium cheaquered plates of all regular specifications, and orders for customized plates are acceptable. If you want to buy aluminium checker plate for flooring of trucks, ships, cars, coaches or planes, welcome to contact us!

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