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Brush Finish Aluminum Sheet

April 9, 2024

The surface of brush finish aluminum sheet not only has a unique metallic texture, but also has both clear texture and individual luster, no matter you want straight, threaded, corrugated or even spiral pattern, brushed aluminum sheet can meet your needs. Not only improve the economic efficiency, save resources, but also enhance the appearance of the product grade and visual effect, so it has become a lot of building materials, decoration industry are very favorable, often use a new type of green building environmental protection materials.

brush finish aluminum sheet

Brush finish aluminum sheet can be widely used in building decoration, household appliances, switch panels, automotive parts, lamps and lanterns, electronic hardware and other industries, but different grades of brushed aluminum sheet performance is different, the application areas are also different.

1000 Series Pure Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

Aluminum content of the most a series, the purity can reach more than 99%, such a series of easy stamping molding, can be widely used in household appliances, switch panels, auto parts, lamps and lanterns lighting, electronic hardware.

2000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

Characterized by high hardness, with the highest content of copper elements, the series belongs to the aviation aluminum, conventional industry is not often applied.

3000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

With manganese as the main component, it is a series with better anti-rust function. Routinely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, under the car and other humid environments.

4000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

With silicon as the main component, low melting point, good corrosion resistance, commonly used in construction, mechanical parts, forging materials.

5000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

To magnesium as the main component, low density, high tensile strength, high elongation, in the same area under the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than the other series, so it is commonly used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tanks. In the conventional industry is also more widely used.

6000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

Mainly contains magnesium and silicon two elements, so the concentration of the 4000 series and 5000 series and the advantages, suitable for corrosion resistance, oxidation requirements of high applications. Good usability, excellent interface characteristics, easy coating, good processability. Can be used for low pressure weapons and aircraft connectors.

7000 Series Alloy Brushed Aluminum Sheet:

It is aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper alloy, heat-treatable alloy, belongs to the super-hard aluminum alloy, has good abrasion resistance, commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft.


Therefore, the brush finish aluminum sheet contains different metal elements composition of the performance is different, and therefore its application areas are not the same. No matter which field has played an important role in promoting the development of economic prosperity, but also cast the brushed aluminum industry’s prosperous development.

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