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Black Aluminium Sheet

February 3, 2023

The color code of black aluminium sheet in RAL chart are RAL 9004, RAL 9005, RAL 9011 and RAL 9017. Haomei Aluminum is a professional black aluminum sheet manufacturer with rich experience and favorable price. The coating is allowed to be sold after multiple treatments and strict inspection. The width, thickness, color, pattern and pattern of black coated aluminum sheet coil can be customized according to customer requirements.

black aluminium sheet

The product specification of black aluminium plate are:

Material: AL1100, AL3003, AL3004, AL3105, AL5005, AL5052

Coating: Fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating

Thickness: 0.25mm-4.00mm

Processing width: color coated aluminum coil 150mm-1500mm; color coated aluminum sheet 800-1750mm

Barrel core diameter: 150mm, 405mm, 505mm, 508mm, 510mm

Coating thickness: PVDF (fluorocarbon) >=25micron POLYESTER (polyester) >=18micron

Gloss: 10-90%; Coating hardness: greater than 2H; Adhesion: no less than grade 1

Impact resistance: 50kg/cm, no paint peeling and no cracks, polyester color can be used for 20 years, fluorocarbon can be used for 30 years without fading or paint.

We can perform color matching according to the Chinese architectural color card CBCC and RAL and Pantone international color card or customer samples.

Executive standard: YS/T431-2009


Color coated black aluminium sheet are widely used in roof enclosure systems and ceiling decoration panels for large steel structure workshops, exhibition halls, stadiums, airports, and railway stations. Aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy color coated aluminum sheet of different thicknesses can be selected, and after subsequent processing such as cutting, pressing, punching, bending, etc., they can be used for overall roof and wall decorative building panels with large spans and large areas. Black aluminium sheet can be used as a decorative board for indoor roofs by cutting into small boards, bending, stamping die processing, etc. Black aluminium plate can also be bonded and compounded with foamed polyurethane and honeycomb aluminum for energy-saving exterior wall building decoration boards. Black aluminium sheet is corrosion-resistant to saline-alkali acid rain, no toxic bacteria will be produced after self-corrosion, no toxic gas will be released, no rust will be caused to the keel and fixing parts, and it is flame-retardant.

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