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Aluminum sheets for boat building

November 17, 2020

5083 aluminum sheets for boat building is an important product of 5000 series aluminum alloy. 5083 aluminum alloy plate has good corrosion resistance, good weldability and machinability. It is also called rust-proof aluminum plate. It is used in marine ships, offshore equipment and other fields. Important aluminum alloy products are also new markets that most domestic aluminum processing enterprises focus on developing.

aluminum sheets for boat building

The 5083 aluminum sheets for boat building is a high-end product in the aluminum plate series. The product process is complicated, the production requirements are strict, and the processing cost is also high. Several large domestic aluminum plate manufacturers have relatively mature processing technology for 5083 aluminum plates, and the process is stable. They are the main source of 5083 aluminum alloy in the domestic market. The market price of 5083 aluminum alloy plate is generally higher, but it is not unrelated to its complicated process and stable performance. In particular, the control of the production process, quality requirements, and large-scale production capacity of various manufacturers are not consistent. Therefore, different manufacturers may have a certain price difference for the same 5083 aluminum plate quotation. So, how to weigh price and quality when purchasing?


First of all, high-quality products are the first element in purchasing. As the saying goes, one price is one thing. Large manufacturers will not have a big gap in the quotations of products, because there are strict production standards, and the cost is almost the same. Pay attention to distinguish the 5083 aluminum sheets for boat building whose quotations are significantly lower than the market level. Secondly, pay attention to check the product certificate. For 5083 aluminum plate, because the product is often used in ships, speedboats and other materials, there are some special certifications for this product. If it is used in domestic ships, it must pass the CCS certification. In foreign markets, it is necessary to pass different classification societies certification, such as DNV certification, etc., pay attention to the manufacturer’s production scale, mass production can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency. Therefore, the more powerful manufacturers are able to provide comprehensive quality assurance and reliable after-sales service.

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