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Aluminum rolling shutters strip

June 29, 2021

An aluminum rolling shutters strip is usually color coated. The colors can be customized by RAL or samples from clients. In addition to pure colors like gray, blue, black, white, green and blue, uniquely designed color coating, such as wood grain, sand grain, stone grain and so on, are available, too. Alloys and tempers for the strip supplied by Haomei include 3003 H16, 3005 H26 and 3105 H26. If you need other alloys or tempers, it’s acceptable, too. As a professional color coated aluminium strip and coil supplier, we provide all regular and customized products you may need. The thickness, width and coating can be customized, too. Regular thickness of rolling shutter alu strips ranges from 0.21mm to 0.6mm, with 0.21mm, 0.22mm, 0.23mm, 0.25mm, 0.26mm, 0.27mm and 0.3mm the most popular. Standard width of the strips is from 80mm to 1600mm standard, while 118.8mm, 127mm, 133mm, 138mm and 187mm are the most popular. The coating for the front side is usually 2-layer abrasion-resistant painting, and back side Epoxy Primer.

aluminum rolling shutters strip

Haomei aluminum rolling shutters strips have the following advantages. First, the paint and coating are of top quality. We import paints from PPG company, ensuring the best weather resistance and adherence of the coating. Theses paints have advantages over others in appearance, environmental level and safety level. Whatever color and design you need, the coating is glossy, firm and durable. We have a 20-year guarantee for our coating. Second, Haomei aluminum strips have been produced under strict quality control, featured by an outstanding forming performance, and color coated aluminum strips have even better resistance to various severe conditions. An aluminium rolling shutter can effectively prevent strong light and ultraviolet radiation, is suitable for various climate and weather changes, and has a long-term protective effect on the indoor environment by keeping noise and sunshine outside. The advantages of aluminum alloy rolling shutters are less noise and give you a comfortable door opening experience. Studies show that its the shutter rate to sunlight reaches 100%, and the shelter rate of temperature more than 95%.

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