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Aluminium strip rolls for ac machine condenser

June 30, 2021

The aluminium strip rolls for ac machine condenser are of 8011, 1100 or 3102 alloy, with tempers of O, H22, H24, H26 and H18. The strip rolls are used for ac machine condensers because they have light weight, good heat exchange and excellent corrosion resistance. General thickness of the rolls ranges between 0.09mm and 0.20mm, and width 200mm to 1400mm. Thicker and wider rolls are available, too. The inner diameter of the rolls can be 105mm, 305mm or 505mm, and the outer diameter less than 1400mm. Both bare and hydrophilic alu strip rolls are available.

Bare aluminium strip rolls for ac machine condenser

The hydrophilic aluminium strip rolls for ac machine condenser is more expensive than bare aluminum strip rolls. A bare aluminum foil roll of around 0.1mm thick is coated with a layer of hydrophilic coating and then coated a anti-corrosion coating. After that, the roll is dried in a drying oven. Many methods can be used for anticorrosion coating, such as chromate method, acid chromate method, non chromate method, etc. A hydrophilic aluminium strip roll for ac machine condensers can be of blue, gold and black colors as in the picture below.

hydrophilic aluminium strip rolls for ac machine condenser

Haomei mainly supplies hydrophilic strip rolls. The surface of the foil has strong hydrophilicity. When it is used in an ac machine condenser, it can make the moisture in the hot air condense on the heat exchange sheet and flow down the sheet easily. In this way, the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger will not be affected due to the water drop “bridging” between the heat exchange sheets, so that the heat exchange rate will be increased by 5%. In addition, hydrophilic aluminum foil is anti-corrosion, anti mold and free from odor. Avoiding of water drops reduces the vibration noise of the machine. The service life of the strip rolls can be extended by effective technological methods.

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