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Three points reflecting quality of aluminum cookee circle discs

November 5, 2019

There are many points in judging the quality of aluminum cookee circle discs. Here we would like to share three of them: precision, purity and ear rate.

Precision refers to the gap between the practical size and the given size. Its concept is similar to that of error rate. The higher the precision, the smaller the error. Then why does the precision reflect the quality of an aluminum cookee circle? Because it reflects the advanced level of the aluminum circle production line, which further reflects the strength of a supplier, since only powerful suppliers are able to obtain advanced production lines. The more advanced a line, the more accurate its mold is.

1050 aluminum circle

Purity is estimated by how accurate the contents of each metal elements in a circle. With development of technology, the purity standards of aluminum and aluminum alloys are enhanced. There are no perfectly pure aluminum circles in theory, but too many impurities indicate poor quality of raw materials and dissatisfying performances of aluminum wafers. Some aluminum suppliers would use waste aluminum materials, which cause high impurities of aluminum circles. It’s not that aluminum waste can’t be recycled, but the recycling technology is still backward in most aluminum factories. In addition, waste aluminum recycling should be done by professional companies rather than manufacturers of semi-processed aluminum products. Little of the latter can do it well. Thus purity is a crucial factor in judging the quality of an aluminum circle for cookware.

Ears, also known as convex lugs, are uneven edges of deep drawing products made of aluminum circle discs. The ear rate is usually related to the strength of inner structure of a disc, thus the occurrence of such a problem reflects failure in regulating inner structure of the circle. Owing to the fact that most aluminum cookee circle sheets are to be made into containers of various sizes, a high earing rate could be deadly, for it means extremely low utility rate of the circles. Indirectly it is a waste of cost.

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