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Aluminum coil aa1100 h14 price and properties

April 1, 2020

Aluminum coil aa1100 h14, usually from 0.1mm to 8mm thick, ranks low in prices of aluminium roll products. Mature and simple process enables manufacturers of varied strength levels to supply it easily. Ranging from $2100 to $2500 (mostly $2300) per metric ton, 1100 coil price can never compete with rolls of 3xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx series. In particular, 8xxx aluminium is mainly made into jumbo foil rolls costing at least 2700 dollars per metric ton, for the extreme thinness of the foil can only be reached by continuous rolling process that costs more. 1100 aluminium roll, on the other hand, proves to be cheaper in either material or process. High purity reduces complexity level of production of its ingot, and bigger thickness can be made by regular rolling.

aluminum coil aa1100 h14

The properties of aluminum coil aa1100 h14 include good corrosion resistance, low density and good processing property. Pure aluminium is endowed with a resistance to oxidation, although its skill differs a lot from other metals. Instead of keeping oxygen off, aluminium hugs it and reacts to it, during which a whole new chemical called aluminum oxide comes into being and emerges as a thin layer on the surface. The oxide serves as a protective layer, preventing most corrosive materials outside. Pure aluminum coil is known by low density based on the comparison between it and other metals applied regularly in industrial production. Smaller density means larger size of the same weight, which is favored by purchasers. As for processing property, 1100 aluminium coil shows a good elongation and plasticity. However, it’s featured by low strength and is only applied to products requiring little about hardness.

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