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Aluminum Alloy Slug

February 21, 2022

The main production of Haomei Aluminum are aluminum alloy slug, aluminium slugs, marker pens aluminum slugs, toothpaste tube aluminum slugs, medicinal hose aluminum slugs, aerosol cans aluminum slugs and other products. Our company has been committed to the aluminum slug manufacturing and export industry for many years, and effectively promotes joint ventures / cooperation with major enterprises and manufacturers, with the idea of aluminum industrial development to serve the society and the vast number of users.

aluminum alloy slug

The main product of aluminum alloy slug is 1070 aluminum slugs. The 1070 aluminum slugs belongs to pure aluminum, it has high plasticity and good corrosion resistance. The 1070 aluminum slugs are mainly used to making aluminum aerosol cans. Due to the maturity of aluminum aerosol can technology and the reduction of production costs, in recent years, international aerosol packaging has gradually changed from tinplate can packaging to aluminum aerosol cans. Aluminum aerosol cans have become the first choice for packaging of aerosol products such as medicine, personal products, household products, food, industry, etc. Aluminum aerosol cans have become mainstream products in the aerosol industry. Due to its light weight, anti-corrosion, high pressure resistance, relatively flexible shaping and many other characteristics, aluminum aerosol cans have attracted more and more attention.


Aluminum alloy slug are used to make cold extruded aluminum cans, such as toothpaste tubes, glue tubes, cosmetic tubes, marker tubes, capacitor tubes, aerosol cans, cigar tubes, paint tubes, etc.

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