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Aluminum alloy sheet 1050 h24

April 14, 2021

1050 h24 aluminum alloy sheet contains more than 99.5% aluminum, falling on the industrial pure aluminum group. 1050 aluminum plate has the characteristics of high plasticity, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength. It includes a small amount of copper, which adds to the forming property. H24 refers to the medium strength of an aluminium sheet obtained by incomplete annealing after work hardening. Therefore, the hardness of 1050 h24 aluminum sheet is not strong. This restricts its applications in fields requiring little in strength, such as clock discs, cookware, labels, ornaments, reflective panels and so on.

Aluminum alloy sheet 1050 h24

Food grade aluminum alloy sheet 1050 h24 can be applied to cookware, for the conductivity of aluminium is excellent, second only to copper, but copper gets rusty easily. The further process steps entail deep drawing or spinning. Both DC and CC sheets are suitable as cookware materials, and the former have better forming properties. The 1050 h24 aluminum sheet can be made into air duct, too. An air duct must be flexible, soft and durable. Aluminium metal meets such requirements perfectly, especially that its oxide film functions as a protective layer of the inner part of a sheet. The adoption of 1050 h24 aluminium plate in making heat exchanges is based on the same properties of the plate as in making cookware. The difference lies in the shapes of end products. Sometimes keyboard manufacturers choose 1050 aluminum sheet of h24 temper, too. Take Mi Company for example. It started as a cell phone manufacturer, and soon enlarged its product scope to computers. It used to develop a mechanical keyboard completely made of aluminium alloy. The back cover of the keyboard is polished from a single piece of aluminum alloy. In addition, the sheet is made into decoration panels of automobiles.

In regard of detailed production methods, some differences exist among the 1050 h24 aluminum alloy sheet of varied applications above. For air duct and cookware materials, mill finish is acceptable. Some cookware manufacturers might require anodizing of the sheet surface. While for car decoration and keyboard making, the sheet must be anodized to achieve a longer service life. In the actual process, the surface anodization of 1050 aluminum sheets is more common. This process produces a hard protective layer on the surface of cookware aluminium sheets without affecting their food-grade level. However, the anodizing effect of cast aluminum is not good, for it can only be black and the surface is not shiny. As a result, only hot-rolled 1050 aluminum sheets are generally used for oxidation.

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