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Aluminium Sheet Mirror Finish Used in Flash Lights

June 27, 2018

As known to all, lighting is a primary industry applying aluminium sheet mirror finish. Speaking of lighting, we think of street lights, commercial lights and domestic lamps. Has it ever occurred to you that flash lights also belong to the huge lighting family? As a matter of fact, people began using flash lights as early as 1887, only decades later than that of bulbs. The earliest flash lights were actually only burning materials (mixture of magnesium and potassium chlorate) that turned into ash after their mission was done. Nowadays you can find flash lights of various designs and materials in the market, some of which adopts aluminium mirror sheet as a component.

aluminium sheet mirror finish

Boasting excellent reflective rate, a mirror finish sheet is applied as reflective cover of flash lights. The sheet is suitable for diverse process methods. While some sheets are of smooth mirror surface, others are embossed to meet special photographing requirements. Installed around the flash bulb, the sheet functions to increase brightness of targets to be photoed. Generally it improves light reflectivity by 80% and above. As other aluminum products, a mirrored aluminium sheet has an advantage of low weight over other candidate metals. Its density is only one third of that of iron, not to mention copper. That means an aluminium reflective cover weighs only 30% of a stainless steel one of the same volume, which enables photographs to move the flash light more effortlessly. What’s more, aluminum sheet mirror finish is of lower price than other metal products, thus flash light manufacturers are willing to reduce cost by choosing it as raw material.

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