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Aluminium Sheet Manufacturing Company

July 31, 2023

HAOMEI Aluminum is an aluminium sheet manufacturing company who offer qualified aluminum sheet product in 1000 series to 8000 series. When choosing, people not only need to pay attention to its characteristics, but also carefully examine its appearance. The qualified aluminum sheet should not have significant embossing, paint leakage, or damage through the coating. Additionally, wave marks, scratches, and bulges are not allowed. This is very easy to notice. The key is to carefully observe the color difference of the aluminium sheet, which may not be easily noticeable at first sight, but can cause harm to the final decorative effect when used.

aluminium sheet manufacturing company

The aluminium sheet product is commonly used in exterior architectural design of buildings, bus bodies, skyscrapers and factory wall decorations, restaurant kitchen sinks, outlets, fan blades, electronic device components, chemical instruments, thin sheet processing, deep drawing or stamping concave containers, welding parts, heat exchangers, clock faces and stock market plates, factory nameplates, kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective tools, etc.


Buy from large aluminium sheet manufacturing company like Haomei Aluminum is a wise choice, because the product quality is guaranteed. For small and medium-sized enterprises, product quality issues are often caused by production equipment limitations, including the following:

Firstly, the flatness: Many small aluminium sheet manufacturing companies do not have the funds to purchase large-scale leveling and bending straightening equipment, so the products are directly processed on leveling equipment after cold rolling, resulting in insufficient flatness, especially for aluminum sheet products with a thickness below 2.0mm.

Secondly, the surface: Many small enterprises do not have surface cleaning equipment, so the aluminium sheet products do not go through the cleaning process, resulting in more oil stains on the surface.

Thirdly, the hardness: This mainly manifests in annealing. The annealing furnace used by small enterprises is usually outdated equipment discarded by larger companies, which cannot achieve satisfactory annealing effects and make it difficult to control the hardness.

Lastly, after-sales service: When small enterprises encounter quality problems, they often resort to shirking responsibility and lack the guarantee provided by larger companies when problems arise.

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