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Aluminium Discs Circles 1050 for Sale

November 28, 2018

Haomei is a professional aluminium manufacturer of 20 years history. For over a decade it has exported aluminium circle 1050, 1060 and 3003 to around thirty regions on the globe. Our aluminium discs for sale are made of superior aluminum ingots mixed with other metal elements of proper proportions. These raw materials go through processes of melting, casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, heat treatment and finishing before becoming pieces of aluminium discs circles, a kind of non-ferrous light metal material that is nontoxic, inodorous, bright, attractive, heat and electricity conductive, corrosion resistant and processable.

aluminium discs circles 1050 for sale

Our aluminium circle 1050 is widely applied in production of daily utensils, low pressure and corrosion resistant containers, home appliance shells, large scale wall curtain decoration, road advertising panels, street lighting decoration etc. It’s usually of natural silver color, but coated discs are available as well under the condition that clients are willing to pay a higher price, because the production of coated wafers entail more complicated processes. We can offer a regular thickness of between 0.4mm and 4.5mm, diameter from 90mm to 1360mm and tempers O, H12, H14, H16 and H18. Customized specifications are acceptable.

As a ten-year supplier on Alibaba, we have a mature service system integrating cooperative communication among units of production, sales, delivery and after-sales service. Like other suppliers we have received complaints in the past years, some of which were caused actually by mistakes of our clients. We have always been shouldering responsibility with them, since we treat them as our friends. That’s why we have so many clients who have kept business relationship with us for around ten years.

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