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Aluminium Circle Price In China

June 5, 2018

Aluminium circle price varies from day to day and supplier to supplier in China. Aluminum circles, usually including alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003, are applied in production of cookware, lighting and sign boards etc. Owing to difference in specifications, manufacturing cost, delivery cost and ordering date, it’s common for a same purchaser to pay different prices for aluminium circles of the same specifications from the same supplier.

aluminium circle price

Since aluminium circle price has a lot to do with the factors mentioned above, what affects these factors and how can we learn some rules about them? Specifications are usually decided by applications, so they are relatively stable. Manufacturing cost and delivery cost prove to be the most mysterious, because they are totally up to the supplier who usually adds profit to the two costs. Generally speaking, suppliers will not offer too high prices, for they face fierce competition, but their offers are strictly restricted by manufacturing cost which relates closely to their strength. If a supplier has sufficient budget for enhancement of equipment and update in technology, he will be able to manufacture aluminum circles with less cost. In other words, he reduces his manufacturing cost. This enables him to offer lower price without losing profits. Delivery cost is influenced by two factors. The first is distance. The longer the distance is, the higher is the cost. The second is the price of the chosen logistic company. Even though all suppliers would love to choose logistic companies giving good offers, large companies receive only large orders. If you order is not large enough, it’s hard to reduce cost in delivery part. If you choose smaller companies, there are safety risks that you must accept. The last factor, ordering date, stands for the current ingot price of on the ordered day. This usually has a lot to do with economic and industrial policies of the imported country. Therefore, if you import from a country frequently, it’s worthwhile paying close attention to its policies.

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