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3003 shutter strip aluminum coil

May 21, 2020

3003 aluminum coil is a shutter strip coil of long service life. We have H19, H18, H26 and h28 strip of 0.2-3mm thick. As a member of Al-Mn series, 3003 coil has a low strength in comparison with 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx aluminium alloy grades. The participation of manganese strengthens erosion resistance of 3003 substantially, making it a well known anti-rust material for interior decoration, automobile oil tanks, lighting parts, battery shells etc. The other advantage of the coil lies in good processing properties. Its plasticity can be adjusted by making it into varied states, with O the highest, half cold hardening medium and full cold hardening the lowest. Its welding properties are good, too. The only weakness of 3003 aluminum strip coil might be its relatively low strength, which, however, make it excellent in plasticity.

3003 shutter strip aluminum coil

The hardness of 3003 aluminium coil can only be improved by cold hardening, for the alloy is not suitable to be heat treated, the most efficient way in strength improvement of aluminium metals. Window shutters must be able to survive in severe natural conditions, including impact of strong winds, expansion and contraction from extreme temperatures, moisture from heavy rains, and dryness from strong sunshine. This require outstanding UV resistance, plasticity, hardness and erosion resistance of 3003 shutter strip aluminum coil. Further more, modern architecture ideas take harmony into account, extending requirements about building materials to texture and color. Shutter strip aluminum coil is usually anodized and colored to cater for such a demand. Anodized shutter strips are stronger in hardness and weather resistance, and much higher in prices than merely color coated ones.

In addition to 3003, 3005 and 5052 are regular aluminium materials for shutters. 3005 has similar performances with 3003, but 5052 is much better, for its higher in hardness, corrosion resistance and anodizing effect, lasting longer correspondingly. Haomei Aluminium supplies shutter strip aluminum rolls of both mill finish and colored ones. Welcome to contact april@aluminumhm.com for more information!

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